About the Data Detox Kit

The Data Detox Kit’s clear suggestions and concrete steps help people harness all aspects of their online lives, making more informed choices and changing their digital habits in ways that suit them.

Used in organisations, classrooms, and libraries around the world, and featured by over 100 media outlets including Vogue, the BBC, and Forbes since it’s launch for the Glass Room London in 2017, the Data Detox Kit continues to expand and develop. Check back for new content or check Tactical Tech’s website to find out about our newest releases.

In 2020, the Data Detox Kit was recognized for the Tech Spotlight at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center as a model of technology that seeks a more inclusive, fair, and safer future.

Printing and Expansion

We've localized the print version of the Data Detox Kit into many global languages.

If you'd like to request a PDF copy, write to Safa at datadetox@tacticaltech.org, indicating the language you need, as well as your idea of how and where you'd like to use it.

We're also looking for people to translate and localize the Data Detox for additional languages and geographical contexts. If you'd be interested in translating, adapting, proofreading, or contributing new content or ideas, get in touch with Safa at datadetox@tacticaltech.org!

About Tactical Tech

Tactical Tech is a Berlin-based organisation working at the intersection of technology, human rights, and civil liberties. We provide trainings, conduct research, and create cultural interventions that contribute to the wider socio-political debate around digital security, privacy, and the ethics of data.

email: ttc@tacticaltech.org

About Mozilla

Mozilla is the non-profit behind the Firefox web browser and uses technology, products and advocacy to make the internet healthier so it’s easy to access, safe to use, and empowers everyone, everywhere.


Credits and Licensing

Concept & content: Tactical Tech
Presented by: Mozilla
Design: Corinna Hingelbaum and Yiorgos Bagakis
Illustrations: Alessandro Cripsta

The Data Detox Kit has been made possible thanks to the support of
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and Tactical Tech's other funders.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their significant contributions to the Data Detox Kit: Alistair Alexander, Gillian "Gus" Andrews, Asli Ari, Yiorgos Bagakis, Varoon Bashyakarla, Cade Diehm, Philipp Dollinger, Ida Flik, Safa Ghnaim, Stephanie Hankey, Georgia Hansford, Charlotte Hayne, Louise Hisayasu, Fieke Jansen, Daisy Kidd, Helen Kilby, Christy Lange, Rose Regina Lawrence, Ling Luther, Amber Macintyre, Nicholas Para, Mo R., Allan Stanley, Marek Tuszynski, Danja Vasiliev, Gary Wright.

CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 This Data Detox Kit is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license.

Data Use Policy

Follow this link to read the Data Use Policy.


Last updated on: 1/14/2021