Data Detox Workshops

Welcome to the Data Detox Workshops page. Here you'll find workshop outlines which have been developed and tested by Tactical Tech trainers and Data Detox Kit's global network of partners. We welcome you to use the workshop outlines as you see suitable to your unique needs as facilitator (e.g. adapted for time, age groups, localised examples, etc).

Your Data Detox Starts Here

This workshop gives participants the chance to explore the reasons why online privacy is important to them. Through discussions and hands-on application, participants are introduced to the data collection industry and explore the effects on individuals and societies.

Reflect on right to privacyLearn about the data industryDiscuss the effects of the data industry
85 minutes, online or in-person, 10-25 participants
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Demystifying Your Data

This workshop defines and explores various types of “data” which are commonly shared and collected online. Group activities encourage participants to talk openly about data concerns, investigate browser history, and deny unnecessary app permissions on their smartphones.

Define “data”Explore common examples of dataTake steps to reduce data traces
80-90 minutes, online or in-person, 10-25 participants
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Declutter Your Phone with an App Cleanse

This workshop uses storytelling, hands-on research, discussion, and group work to explore critical questions to ask of digital tools and apps and why those questions matter. Participants are then introduced to Alternative Apps (privacy-conscious apps) and are encouraged to try them out.

Discuss the qualities of private appsResearch alternative apps
90 minutes, online or in-person, 20+ participants
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Smart Phones, Smart Habits

This workshop will look into habit formation and the many ways smartphones have been designed to grab our attention. Through exercises, participants will begin to make the connection between external influences and internal stressors as well as come up with strategies to outsmart their smartphones.

Reflect on how habits are formedExplore strategies to form balanced digital habits
110 minutes, online or in-person, 10-25 participants
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Facts vs. Feelings: Keep Calm and Spot the Design Tricks

This workshop explores the world of persuasive design and design tricks, which are design decisions on websites, apps, and in advertisements that provoke people emotionally and persuade visitors to click, share, and buy. By becoming aware of physical and emotional responses to stressful stimuli and the persuasive designs of tech which are rooted in basic psychology, this workshops helps participants keep calm and spot the design tricks.

(This is part 1 of the misinformation workshop series, facts vs. feelings)

Approx. 25 participants60 minutesOnlineParticipatory workshop
The download consists of a ZIP file with 2 PDFs. One PDF includes the presentation slides, and the other PDF outlines the workshop. The size of the ZIP is 2.3 MB.

Facts vs. Feelings: Information... It's Complicated

This workshop defines what is meant by ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ and explores how the world of information is slippery and complicated. Participants learn fundamental investigation skills to help them to verify information and become more information savvy.

(This is part 2 of the misinformation workshop series, facts vs. feelings.)

Discuss the complexity of informationPractice basic image verificationExplore reverse image searchingIdentify methods to reduce misinformation
115 minutes, online or in-person, 10-25 participants
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Digital Detox

This workshop gives participants the opportunity to reflect on their values and priorities, and create a digital detox action plan to ensure that their technology use supports their goals.

Reflect on valuesCritically examine tech usageDevelop a custom detox
110 minutes, online or in-person, 10-25 participants
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