Roehana Project

Strengthening Digital Literacy of Human Rights Defenders in Indonesia

Roehana Project are an alternative journalism organization in Indonesia that focus on issues of democracy, human rights, gender and women, culture, and environment with a progressive perspective. In this 2023 partnership with Tactical Tech, they conducted a training for 20 human rights defenders from 11 NGOs in Indonesia.

Logo saying Roehana Project Logo, courtesy of Roehana Project.

For their partnership, they developed a one-day training program based on their expertise and local context, and used parts of Data Detox Kit materials and workshops (“Your Data Detox Starts Here”, “Keep Calm and Spot the Design Tricks”, and “Information... It’s Complicated”) that fit together to reach their objectives. The aim was for human rights defenders to develop awareness about digital security, disinformation and misinformation, and fact-checking.

“In this event, participants' digital awareness of the need for data detox increased. Starting from the description of digital security globally to the regional scale in West Sumatra. They became calmer in assessing how information should be parsed, advertising design can be dark patterns and persuasive to awareness of using applications and knowing how digital activities of colleagues in NGOs.” —Diki R., Program Manager

Person speaking into microphone to a room full of people A discussion during the training day. Photo courtesy of Roehana Project. (Faces have been hidden using Gimp’s blur tool)

Roehana Project adapted the Tactical Tech resources in order to contextualise them to Indonesian examples, and converted the formats of delivering the materials to focus more on group discussions.

They measured the success of the training based on the enthusiastic feedback they received from participants regarding the Data Detox. Those who were previously unaware of persuasive designs became more critical and cautious, recognizing designs within their social work.

“The collaboration with Tactical Tech strengthens our network as well as the capacity of our networks and this can be a positive and sustainable development for us in the issue of digital welfare.” —Diki R., Program Manager

Last updated on: 6/14/2023