Watch and listen to videos, audio readings, podcasts, and gifs about the Data Detox Kit!

This page compiles multimedia from across the Data Detox Kit project that you can use in classrooms, workshops, events, and share with friends and family. Many of the multimedia resources are developed and produced by our global partners and contacts. Check back for new content.

You are welcome to share any of the multimedia on this page. We thank you in advance for attributing it back to the original creator.

Audio Readings

Selected Data Detox guides feature audio readings, crowd-sourced from within our network:


Yasser Machat: A content creator using storytelling strategies to promote digital literacy

  • Yasser is a content creator and communications specialist from Tunisia with 400,000 followers across social media platforms. Yasser partnered with us in 2023 to develop innovative content that promotes digital literacy, adding into his huge library. His video on digital rights and practical steps has reached over 147k views: (watch on Facebook (In Arabic) external icon)

The Fabulous Woman Network's Data Detox Videos

Learn about this partnership by clicking here.

5-Day Video Series

Digital You Video Series

Thumbnail of the video "fake website" Thumbnail of the video "Fake website?", courtesy of The Fabulous Woman Network

You can find more videos, such as interviews, on the News and Recognitions page.


Digital Dada Podcast

Digital Dada partnered with us in 2023. Digital Dada is a podcast that focuses on discussions around online violence and digital security and they made a series of episodes inspired by the Data Detox Kit. Learn more about them and see their podcast episodes across various platforms by clicking here external icon.


Smaller than videos, these simple gifs are perfect for sharing over your chat app and on low-data plans to anyone. Here is one sample, but to avoid visual chaos, all the rest are linked below:

Burst your filter bubble gif in English

Last updated on: 7/26/2023